Amendments were made on the restriction of the agency institution.

On 7 November 2017, amendments were made to the civil procedural and administrative procedural legislation on the restriction of the agency institution during the litigation.

Thus, from 1 January 2018, any legal person,  a commercial or non-commercial entity, may only be represented at courts via its director or officials authorized by its charter, as well as by individuals who are employed therein on a full-time basis as their main place of employment or by attorneys at law. That is, in practice, litigation on behalf of the company can only be conducted by an attorney or a lawyer whose main place of employment is the said company.

The companies shall register their part-time lawyers or persons providing outsourced legal services, who are not attorneys at law, as a full-time employee in order to authorize them to conduct litigation in court cases in the role of the agent.

Individual entrepreneurs will be able to delegate court proceedings only to their close relatives or attorneys.

It should be noted that the amendments will not apply to persons who currently represent a person in the court until the matter is finally resolved by the relevant tier court.