This versatile part of Azerbaijani market has been subject to numerous regulative changes that ask for a professional approach to all transactions containing estate transfer. Nowadays, both business and ordinary people seek for proper documentation of property transactions to exclude further risks of ownership.  

What we offer

CLC acts in real estate matters, advising our clients on all legal steps regarding buying, selling, renting and leasing properties. We ensure properties and property rights of business and business owner are protected, i.e. property possesses all certificates and necessary documents, rights over property are registered.

Among the areas where we work are: 

  • Preparation, review, and negotiation of all legal documents of real estate interests;
  • Advising to foreigners on purchase and sale of real estate; 
  • Advising on rental and lease contracts, including built to suit transaction;
  • Regulation of real estate documentation;
  • Asset management for corporate M&A's;
  • Foreclosure, lien consultation for businesses;
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation involving asset management;
  • Acquisition and registration of land, real property transactions;
  • Real estate taxation;
  • Property management agreements.