Recent legislative development in Azerbaijan regarding registration of legal entities made entrepreneurial environment attractive to initiate the business. However, any haphazard decision without professional consult in the business corporation and running could cause potential problems in the future. Therefore, choosing the better form of business corporation to start with and asset management at the end have been emerging issue and asks for better consultation to save the costs in the best legal way possible.

We ensure that incorporation documents, company structure, internal corporate policies/rules are in place, comply with legislation and correspond to the best interests of the business and business owner.

What we offer

The firm provides consultancies from initiation up to liquidation of different sized companies, setting up branches or subsidiaries in Azerbaijan, including professional assistance in preparation company bylaws, general terms, code of compliance. CLC team has practiced in liquidation, bankruptcy situations both in defending interests of companies and their creditors.

Our corporate/bankruptcy law services include:

  • Incorporation of business entities; 
  • Preparation of company's charter (articles of association) and by-laws; 
  • Establishment of branches and representative office; 
  • Drafting, development, and implementation of codes of ethics and compliance;
  • Drafting work contracts for executives and directors;
  • Legal due diligence;  
  • M&A, Incorporation, Spin-Off formation;
  • Initial services to help to start the liquidation, bankruptcy processes in companies;
  • Legal services related to insolvency situation and liquidation process;
  • Asset management during bankruptcy process;
  • Share transactions and investment agreement;
  • Bankruptcy related reorganization and revitalizing;
  • Liquidation and winding-up.