The Republic of Lithuania: Investment and Export Opportunities

On November 23, 2017, Caspian Legal Center (CLC) hosted an event titled "The Republic of Lithuania: Investment and Export Opportunities" at DEMIRCHI TOWER Business Center.

The event was held with the presentations of CLC partner Farid Nabili, representative of the Lithuanian Embassy in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, Ms. Dalija Ignataviciute and Doctor of Law Zivile Stubryte, and with the participation of representatives of different companies on investment, real estate, food, non-food, etc.

Opening speech was made by our managing partner Javid  Yusifov. He welcomed the participants and announced the agenda of the event.

Later, another member of our team - Farid Nabili informed the participants about CLC and its services and provided information on agreements and conventions on mutual cooperation and assistance in various fields between Lithuania and Azerbaijan.

Representative of the Lithuanian Embassy in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, Mrs. Dalija Ignataviciute, spoke about the investment opportunities in Lithuania and the economic situation of the country.

Dr. Zivile Stubryte , an experienced lawyer in this field, who was invited by CLC from the Republic of Lithuania made a presentation and gave information about export to the Republic of Lithuania, information on business opportunities and advantages, investment opportunities in real estate of her country, and reported practical suggestions.

Also, Mustafa Perchinchek, representative of TUV Austria Azerbaijan, spoke about the basic services performed by their company.

Throughout the event, participants asked questions about the interesting points for them. At the end, general discussions were held.